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Dr. McKenzie Roddy & Mr. Chase Hall

Dr. McKenzie Roddy


Mr. Chase Hall


Chapel Hill, NC 2018
Nick & Kristyn's Wedding, Chicago, IL, 2019
4G Ranch during Hurricane Irma, 2017
Our 2nd date, Miami, FL 2017
Monon Weekend, DePauw University, 2018
Winter Hike in Leland, MI, 2019
Cade's Cove, TN, 2019
Cub's Game, Chicago, IL 2019
Racing in Isla Morada, FL, 2018
NYE Wedding, Boston, MA 2017
Wedding in Newport, RI, 2018
Brazos Bend Park, TX, 2020
Sarah's DePauw Graduation, IN, 2018
Hiking in Salt Lake City, UT, 2018
Art Museum Fundraiser, Miami, FL, 2018
Rafting in Costa Rica, 2019
Margaret Roddy's Rice Graduation, Houston, TX, 2018
Roddy Family Thanksgiving 2019, Charleston, SC
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